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Morris Bank

Strong Base

The bank resembles the live oak with its significant strength anchored by a large root system. The live oak is one of the strongest trees in the world and strengthens itself with a root system that is wide-spreading and continues to travel for nutrients. Regardless of the reach of the bank, without a strong base we are incapable of serving our customers. All the more reason why we stay grounded and strongly support the communities we serve.

Grow Continually

A live oak is evergreen and continuously improves its existence and position on earth. The bank continues to grow and strengthen during both strong and weak economies in order to continue to grow our customer base and serve more families and businesses.

Be Flexible

A live oak’s wood is extremely dense and hard, making it strong and durable in use. Live oak heart-wood averages 54 pounds dry weight per cubic foot and almost 90 pounds of wet/green weight per cubic foot. As hard and strong as the live oak is, it is one of the most flexible woods around. A live oak’s character and beauty are developed during the rough times in its life. Hurricanes and strong winds have shaped many of the picturesque live oaks that have become famous. Flexibility as a bank is critical during the ebbs and flows that arise in the financial industry.

Provide Shade for Those Around You

A live oak has a natural calming effect on those that seek peace in their shade. Our customers look to us for financial solutions during times of uncertainty. We are here to help see them through those situations as they arise.

Knowing When to Let Go

While a live oak is evergreen, it does release some leaves in the springtime to make way for new growth. Knowing when to let go of things in order to grow into the future is a must for any leading organization.

Prepare for the Storm

Knowing that weather (or circumstances) will not always be ideal, a live oak’s strong base and flexible system prepares it for any elements presented. Knowledge to prepare for trials as they arise is extremely important for any organization. At Morris Bank, we strategize and anticipate market fluctuations and always strive to be prepared for our customers.

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